High Performance Sports Psychology Coaching

William "Doc" Chandon, PhD

Learn to perform in the zone regularly and become the confident and powerful athlete you’ve wanted to be. Develop a strong mental game that has you looking forward to competitions rather than secretly dreading them.


High Performance Sports Psychology Coaching

Sports psychology is often modeled after various forms of psychotherapy, which look for the root causes of current problems in our past and then provides clients with alternative ways of consciously dealing with their past. This process relies heavily on logic and our conscious mind's ability to behave sensibly with the new insights about our past. 

The therapy model of sports psychology doesn't work well because athletes need to learn to use their imaginative abilities more and to use their conscious, analytical abilities less as they train and compete. 

The flow state is a highly imaginative state that has a quiet analytical mind. We can't perform in flow state if we have our analytical mind racing and trying to steer the ship. The analytical part of our mind isn't powerful enough to handle all the details of performing at our highest levels. For that we have to use our imagination and our unconscious mind.

Dr. Chandon's high performance sports psychology system helps you increase the power of your imagination. The system is a powerful combination of meditation, self-hypnosis, breakthrough thinking, Jungian psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). 

This sports psychology system takes some high-powered sports psychology ideas and converts them into practical and accessible tools that anyone can use. You can do your mental practice in as little as 15 minutes per day. Invest your valuable time in training that will make the most significant impacts. 

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