How much improvement can I  expect?

Most clients see major improvements in sports performance. The amount of improvement you will make depends on how hard you are willing to work on your mental and physical games. At the outset, you really don’t know how good you can be.  None of us does. You have to discover that by training mentally and physically with cutting-edge sports psychology tools.

How are your methods different?

My methods have evolved from over 40 years experience as an athlete and my education as a behavioral scientist. The influences that have shaped my thinking and experience are numerous and varied. I note some of the key influences in the About section of this website. The core of my method is that to be our best, we have to learn to manage our thinking, emotions, and physical states. The best ways to do that are through the right kinds of mental and physical practice. My methods are a combination of hypnosis, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, Breakthrough Thinking and Jungian psychology. I have woven them together so that they provide a powerful tool set for clients.

My approach is client-centered which means that I know that clients will tell and show me what they need to work on with some guidance and prompting. They will tell me what their key issues are and what they are ready to do. The tools that I provide gives them the roadmap to proceed on their sports journey with confidence and energy.

When will I see results?

Many clients see immediate results. Some clients only need a few insights and tools to solve a specific problem. However, the best way to approach work on your mental game is to think of it as you would think of going to the gym.  You wouldn’t go to the gym once and expect that you had solved your conditioning problem. The best and most lasting results come from regular practice and doing the right things in the right ways over time.  My approach is to give you the tools to practice your mental game in a way that is simple, effective results focused.

How man sessions will I need?

I see some clients on a short term basis, for 1-3 sessions, to work on specific problems that are well known to them. Other clients are looking for a longer term relationship, just like they would have with any other coach. Sports psychology coaching is similar to other kinds of coaching in that it's helpful to have a second set of eyes to help you examine what you're doing. Good coaches know us as individuals and can suggest alternative methods for training and competing that we might not otherwise consider.

How often should we meet?

I like to meet clients on a monthly basis when getting started. In between sessions, I always have clients working daily on specific mental game practices. Between sessions, we give the practices time to work and become habitual. Once you have developed a level of proficiency in the mental practices, we meet on a less frequent basis as needed.

How much time do I need to do the work?

I suggest that athletes do their mental practice for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. That will make a significant difference in performance for most athletes. For professionals and other top athletes, I suggest that they do up to four, 15 minute mental practice sessions per day. There are times when a retreat or intensive experience of mental practice can also be helpful to make significant gains in short periods.

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